In 2017 Kyoto Women’s University opened a new library to replace the existing university library. The new library houses 840,000 titles which is one of the largest collections held by a women’s university in Japan. The new library is a “place for learning” with an environment that promotes learning and studying. The new library is located in the center of the campus and consists of two buildings: "Chie no Kura" (storehouse of wisdom) with an open space for a collection of approximately 300,000 titles, and "Koryu no Yuka" (floor of exchange) which provides facilities such as active learning commons, media commons and casual study spaces.

Storehouse of Wisdom (Chie no Kura)

The Storehouse of Wisdom (Chie no Kura) fosters intellectual exchange while putting the informational archives compiled by Kyoto Women's University to good use.
Surrounded by wall-mounted bookshelves that house over 300,000 books in a terraced configuration, this library provides the perfect study environment.

The Floor of Exchange (Koryu no Yuka)

As the name suggests, the Floor of Exchange is a place for people to engage with one another. This lively communication hub overlooks the action along the Onnazaka slope and is home to cafes and terraces that provide a relaxing environment in which one can study or conduct meetings.

Active Learning Commons, Floor 1

This multi-purpose area promotes active learning through avenues such as discussion or group work.

Media Commons, Floor B1

Here, You may work in groups while utilizing audio-visual media and IT for study and review in addition to problem-solving.

Hall, Floor 1

This hall is built to seat up to 100 people and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Casual Study Area, Floor 2

This area provides a space for communication and study. Food and drink are also allowed. This highly transparent area doubles as a cafe and offers an overlooking view of Kyojozaka and Onnazaka.


"Kyojozaka" is a newly-constructed, sloping path which connects the entire campus from "Chie no Kura" to "Koryu no Yuka" ("The Storehouse of Wisdom" to "The Floor of Exchange").
Its gentle slopes connect the north and south campus, while its terrace-like construction provides an ideal area for events, club activities, and a variety of other uses.