Mission (Educational Objective)

■Kyoto Women’s University is located in Kyoto, which has long been the country’s center of politics, culture, and international exchange. We provide a systematic and empirical type of learning about Japanese Society, Culture, and Science.

■In addition to assisting its students in their professional development, Kyoto Women’s University provides a broad education, universal skills, and a global perspective.

■Kyoto Women's University helps students gain the ability to actively recognize things, to seek mutual understanding with others, and to discover and resolve issues for themselves.

■Kyoto Women's University helps its students gain an independent learning ability in order for them to continue their studies after graduation, and further to correctly understand and judge religion through learning the spirit of Buddhism so that they can continue to find themselves.

■Kyoto Women's University helps students to become someone who can contribute to society with a strict sense of ethics and responsibility by leading an organization or group exercising proper leadership while working together with others.

■By offering 4-year studies, Kyoto Women's University aims to cultivate female resources rich in emotion and elegancy as well as dignity.