Kyoto Women’s University Internationalization Initiative (2021-2025)

 Since its foundation, Kyoto Women's University has produced women who carry important roles in various fields as pioneers in women's education. At our university, we regard it as the philosophy of establishment to provide education based on the Buddhist spirit embodied by Shinran (the founder of Jodo Shinshu). Its objective is to teach students to know themselves through Buddhism. It is difficult to see the things without self-centered view. We need to understand it in a true sense and coexist with people who have different values.
 Kyoto Women's University, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2020, is working to develop female human resources who will contribute to the improvement of women's social status and the development of a global society and aiming to become a "bridgehead school for female human resources development in Asia" under the strong leadership of the President, we will engage in the following challenges.

1.    Promotion of education and research exchanges with overseas universities
2.    Promotion of internationalization of the entire university
3.    Enrichment of learning support and employment support for international students
4.    Contribution to regional globalization
5.    Enrichment of study abroad program and overseas training
6.    Enhancement and development of foreign language education
7.    Promotion of SDGs in collaboration with overseas universities